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    Thank you my horse friends for 2014! A wetter season than usual. Please enjoy your time off!!
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    Loved the photos I ordered! Super quality, and wonderful action shots! Thank you for capturing such wonderful moments....

    Dangit Jim, if I had a life I would have jumped in and rode down with ya. Keep up the good work! These look great!

    We've seen you at the show and are amazed at the shots you take without using a flash. Our flash pictures didn't come out as well. Great job.

    Very nice depth of field JD!

    Thanks for coming out & taking pics, I really enjoy looking at them. I wish you had gotten Courtneys' tumble & drag, I don't think my husband believes me, when all she came out of it with, was a bruise on her bottom. Thanks again, hope to see you next year!

    Thank you so much for attending the horse show in Marietta and taking all those great pictures. You did a fantastic job. I owned a photography studio a few years back and took portraits. I was never able to do action shots, and as well as I know horses, I could never capture them like you did. I hope you will come again next year and shoot one of our open point shows with everyone all decked out in their show clothes.
    Hope to see you next year, Ray Sams (former president, PCRC)

    ** I love this picture of my horse and Gracie... I think the photographer did a wonderful job**

    "I live in Japan and I guess you're in the US,
    anyway just wanted to tell you that dirty rat is really well put together"
    Don Yoshizawa

    Thank you so much for taking these photos. I love them. It was our daughter's first show. I like them because they just look so natural. They are just so HER. Thank you so much. I just received my email that they have already shipped. WOW that was fast!!
    Thanks, Tracy

    i just looked at your site...those are beautiful pictures. you sure do have an eye!! keep up the great work.

    Thank You for all the wonderful pictures.

    I love your pictures!!!

    Jim- What a great job you do capturing the fun we had at that show!! -thanks, Deneene

    You should come back! I love the pictures. Very nice! Hope to see you again!~ Sincerely, Jessica

    What skill and thought in creating the colored dust trailing the colored horse and rider. Beautiful work! http://favorites.smugmug.com/Year-2006/PCRC-Marietta/1983954_PRb8Px#!i=104553938&k=BUDgV

    Beautiful job beautiful girl! What a photographer, what a girl, what a horse!!!!

    The photographer takes beautiful pictures.

    On June 22nd a guest wrote:...this is the coolest picture ever....how did you do that?

    Dear Jim,
    We received our pictures and just love them. You did a great job!
    Thanks so much for giving us some great memories of Karrie to enjoy
    for years to come. Melody

    I was surprised. I usually don't like pictures of me but I really like those ones. Keep up the wonderful work you do! Katie

    Went to your website. Unbelievable!! Marcus C. Roberts, M.D.

    Wow! These are absolutely FANTASTIC!! This was the first show I had to miss this summer, it actually felt like I was there when I looked at your pictures. I got to see how everybody did (you all looked GREAT!). I especially love the kids' shots. Really special.
    Thank you so much!
    Paula W.

    Mr. Brandenburg, Thank you for being at our first show. You played an important role in making it a wonderful day for Ginger and me! I also appreciated how you could take pictures and not have a loud flash that scares animals- amazing. P.S. Your work is amazing.
    Donna M.

    Jim We never knew there was a Rodeo School out East here for K-12th grade. This is excellent. The girls and I looked at what pictures are up and WOW you have some really good pictures. Looks like it was alot of fun. We will try to make it up for the last Sept. or Oct 1st Rodeo. We would like to get some information on this school. Now I have two girls yelling "RODEO MOM!!!" Just made these girls dreams!!! Kim Steele

    You're the coolest photographer ever!
    Tori E.

    It's sad to say our economy holds us back from the good things in life. Your pics are so good and amazing. It's like art....people don't understand that you can have more in the process than it seems when you merely look at it. Good luck.
    Debbie Pennington

    This guy is truly one of the great horse photographers, he gets right in the dirt to get the best shots. Very talented, very friendly always great photos of the event.‎ Jane

    This is a very nice portrait. The composition is done nicely and the colors are great. The little girl with the pretty red hair and the pink outfit is just marvelous. Good job, Jim. Ramona

    These pictures are amazing! Wow! Thanks for taking them, I love looking at them.